Special Recognition and Gratitude

Dick & Julie Kraus,

Generous Friends & Supporters

Dick and Julie Kraus have been raising Portuguese Water Dogs for over twenty years.    They bought a home on a private lake in Connecticut so their dogs could enjoy a swim and watersports trainers could have a place to enrich the lives of dogs.  These wonderful people have opened their home, their pool, their lake front beach and their hearts to Canine Water Sports since 1999.  This great sport would not have developed had it not been for the generosity and support of Dick and Julie.  Every year they give up a summer of peace and quiet so dogs. people, lawn chairs, blankets, cars, boats, dog equipment and tents can converge in their back yard and watersports teams can splash and learn in their lake.  Thank you Dick and Julie for being such such special people!  The dog world is a better place because of you. 

Jane Dweck,

Web Designer & Supporter

Jane’s first introduction to the dog world was in 2001 when she took home her first dog, Betsy, an American Cocker Spaniel.  After starting obedience training with Betsy she became fascinated with the dog world and Betsy’s innate talent at tracking and learning in general.  She now describes herself simply as “Betsy’s Mom”.  Betsy, of course, has her own web page, Betsy’s Place.  Jane has also donated much of her time to Cocker Rescue.  Betsy does modeling, tracking and watersports.  Jane and her husband live in Connecticut and New York City.

Claudia Anne Mohr,

Graphic Artist, Supporter, Logo Designer extraordinaire!

Claudia began her association with dogs 20 years ago with a Boxer puppy.  Never having owned a dog before she signed up for an obedience class.  She became a popular agility instructor for 12 years and enjoyed showing her Portuguese Water Dogs in Conformation, Agility and Watersports. At the 2001 PWDCA Speciality, Claudia and her dog, Nikki, took two first place ribbons in agility, second place in the breed ring and fourth place in the Super Dog competition.  Claudia also had a Boston Terrier who unfortunately was only a spectator in watersports.  Claudia died from cancer in 2008. Her generosity and support shall never be forgotten.

Kim Miller-Rutha, 

Graphic Artist, Advisor, Supporter

Kim is a talented artist, Children's book author, mom to two beautiful girls and the sister to CWS founder Deborah Lee Miller-Riley.  She is owned by a German Shepherd Dog, “Hero”,  who  does foot warming duty on cold winter nights in Michigan when Kim is busy at work on her computer.  Kim’s generosity made the Canine Water Sports website a reality as she never refused Deborah Lee’s multitude of phone calls that always began with “how do I ....?”  Kim and her husband Joseph Rutha continue to offer their enthusiastic support  for CWS.



Melinda Miller has been professionally involved with animals for 40 years. Among the hundreds of horses she has worked with, she has bred, managed or trained 27 Arabian show horses who collectively hold 43 national titles in conformation and/or performance.  Among these wins is a prestigious Arabian National Champion Stallion award. In the dog world she is acknowledged as one of the innovators in behavior training, and she is also the owner and/or breeder of multiple Portuguese Water Dog champions, including a National Specialty Best of Opposite Sex winner.  Melinda also currently serves as the Consultant of Nutrition and Animal Behavior Management for the  Wolf Conservation Center of Salem, NY.

She has combined her years of professional management consulting skills with her knowledge of animals to specialize in the animal industries.  Through her company, Miller Management Solutions, she provides practice management recommendations to veterinarians, (including Smith Ridge Veterinary Center owned by Dr. Marty Goldstein) and general management advise to pet stores, training facilities, doggy daycare operations, pet industry manufacturers, and veterinary biomedical companies. She also launched and ran Bravo, a very successful raw diet for dogs company, and is President of the North American Raw Petfood Association (NARPA)

Melinda Miller encouraged and supported the creation of Canine Water Sports.  She was a treasured, hard working staff member for the first Splash Camp held in 1999 and was the first person to be appointed a watersports judge. She officiated over the first Canine Water Sports testing event on August 9th 2003 and was applauded for her professional and personal judging style. She retired as a judge in 2011.  Melinda continues to be a trusted and appreciated advisor to Canine Water Sports.




Dr. Cynthia Fox’s life was changed about 24 years ago with a new addition to her animal family - a beautiful black Afghan Hound puppy with the impressive name of Warwick’s Wiz Kid, Jeremy for short.  Jeremy became her most influential teacher and life guide. At the same time Jeremy came into her life, Dr. Fox retired from a career in  architecture and design, to follow her heart to a career with animals.  Her career began as general manager of Lick Your Chops, one of the first holistic pet retailers in the United States.  While building a solid education in animal behavior, health and nutrition, Cynthia began the Wiz Kid trilogy, starting with Wiz Kid Dog School.

Wiz Kid Dog School, started in 1988, was the first training facility in Fairfield County, Connecticut to offer motivational training techniques.  Dr. Fox also taught for local kennel clubs while establishing a large private clientele.  In 1991, she launched the innovative Wiz Kid Dog Camp, the country’s first camp for canine athletes and their owners. Combining her background in architecture, interior design, retail and animals, in 1992 Dr.
Fox pioneered the concept of an up market, lifestyle store for pets with the creation of the highly successful Wiz Kid Pet Store.

Viewed as both a trendsetter and treads forecaster in the pet retail world, Dr. Fox formed Fox Associates and currently works as a consultant, retail strategist and buying agent for a number of large companies in the pet and gift industries, including category leaders in the pet specialty market, retail catalog and e-commerce.  However, her true joy in life is lecturing both nationally and internationally on “How to Be Your Dog’s Advocate.”

Dr Fox is a graduate of the University of Wisconsin, Madison Campus, receiving her B.S., M.A. and Ph.D. She shares her home with her husband, David, an Afghan Hound named Victor, who has earned multiple merits in watersports, and four beautiful cats.

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