Watersports Etiquette

  1. 1.Only safe, controlled dogs are welcome at Canine Water Sports events.

  1. 2.Dog owners are responsible for their dog’s behavior and safety at all times.

  1. 3.Dogs who are not actively competing in a water event shall be confined or kept on a leash no longer than six feet in length.

  1. 4.Dogs shall not create disruptive noises such as continuous howling, whining or barking. 

  1. 5.Dogs shall eliminate in designated areas only, or well outside the event area.  Handlers shall pay particular attention to avoid inappropriate canine elimination or marking, especially near judging areas. Handlers shall clean up after their dog, disposing of all materials in a waste container.

  1. 6.Poorly supervised children and rambunctious puppies can quickly become a major distraction for teams. If guardians are unable or unwilling to set reasonable and respectful limits a steward may ask that the offender be removed from the immediate area.

  1. 7.Spectators and their dogs are not to enter the water while teams are being judged.  

  1. 8.Only participating officials and dog/handler teams called for judging shall be permitted in water judging areas. Water judging areas shall be restricted from 6:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. or until the end of judging during event dates.

  1. 9.Food & toys are prohibited inside or within ten feet of the designated judging areas.

  1. 10.Spectators shall not interfere, assist or communicate with teams who are inside a judging area. 

  1. 11.Reporters, photographers, film makers and videographers shall be permitted to record a team’s performance. However, they must have prior permission from each individual team and shall not enter a judging area.

  1. 12.Directives issued by the event secretary, judges, stewards or other event officials shall be obeyed.

  1. 13.Harsh handling of animals will not be tolerated. Any person deemed by an event official to be abusing or neglecting an animal shall be subject to expulsion from the event grounds.

  1. 14.Any person or animal engaging in conduct that an event official deems to be disruptive, offensive, abusive, reckless or dangerous may be expelled from the  event grounds. 

Environmental Protection

  1. Our continued enjoyment of the great outdoors and canine water sports is dependent upon our efforts to preserve our living world.  Help protect Nature by following these simple acts of respect and kindness:

  2. Obey all posted Municipal and State rules governing parks and public lands. They are guidelines for sharing and preserving nature.

  3. Prohibit dogs and children from chasing or threatening wild animals. Distressing or panicking an animal can make it vulnerable to injury and disease.

  4. Remove all garbage, including smoking materials and canine waste and dispose of it promptly and properly in waste containers.

  5. Restrict fires to regulated and or appropriate areas. Never leave a fire unattended.

  6. Shred and properly dispose of all plastic products that can entangle and kill wildlife.

  7. Stay on designated nature paths to avoid trampling delicate flora or snapping branches and saplings.

  8. Keep water play to designated areas and beaches to avoid silt disturbances. Silt kills water plants and small water creatures.

  9. Avoid walks over marsh grasses and sand dunes - marsh grass takes years to regenerate.

  10. Watch your foot fall - many aquatic birds build camouflaged nests on the ground.