Teddy's Story

Teddy and Anna and I used to live in Ocean Beach, two blocks from Dog Beach. Since we lived in a small apartment, I used to take them down there several times a week to run around and burn some energy. This is where they first encountered the water.

One side of the beach is the open ocean, but another side is where the San Diego River runs into the ocean. This water is much calmer without waves. I had golden retrievers in the past who could go for hours retrieving Frisbees and toys out of the river. Never did I think my pit bulls would have any kind of interest in the same activity. To my surprise, Teddy can outlast any golden retriever! I don't know why or where he gets it, but this is one pit-bull who ADORES the water. He will just go out splashing around for the sheer fun of it.

When I was living in Ocean Beach, there were days I didn't want the dogs going into the water. I didn't want to take the time to bathe them after being in the salt water. So we would play Frisbee in a more remote corner of the beach, a good quarter mile from the water. But, always, Teddy would play Frisbee for a while and run around with his sister, and then.... I could tell what was going to happen next. He'd stop whatever he was doing, raise his nose to the wind, get a whiff of that water, and off like a shot he'd go. Running full speed for the water. No amount of calling or scolding could stop him. *sigh* I guess they ARE getting another bath today. I'd trudge along down to the shore, shaking my head. I couldn't stay mad for long though, I always had to smile at the sight of my goofy pit-bull running and splashing in the water, happy as a lark.

The first time I went swimming in the river with Teddy, a friend and her dogs were with us. I decided to just jump on in and go swimming with them. Teddy, ever the momma's boy, came right out after me. He and I swam up and down the outlet together, having a grand old time. Wherever I went, he just calmly followed me, much like when we are at home. He is my shadow, and I can't close a door with him on the other side, it just isn't allowed. So when I went out into the river, of course he was going with me, no questions asked.

Anna, on the other hand, would have no part of swimming. She is the opposite of Teddy in that she can't stand being in the water past her dainty ankles. So she stayed on shore. However, she was thoroughly distraught. She ran up and down the beach along the water, following us, occasionally going up to my friend and rushing back to the water. It was quite clear she was upset. What a distressful sight from her perspective.... just me and Teddy's heads floating across the water. Hey, where did their bodies go!!! She really wanted my friend to make the situation right again. Anna has such an expressive face, too, it was just too funny. Finally Teddy and I came back to shore, and I tell you if that dog could talk, Anna would have given us a thorough scolding for worrying her so. LOL!!

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