2.   Learn the Duties of the Event Secretary

The Event Secretary is selected by the host. The Event Secretary shall be responsible for  specific duties, which include:

  1. BulletRead and agree to abide by the Canine Water Sports Regulations.

  1. BulletChair a committee who shall select the water trial judge(s) from list of approved CWS judges and shall plan, organize, direct and do the work needed to host  a Canine Water Sports Event.


  1. BulletCreate, publish, and distribute a Premium List that includes a Canine Water Sports Entry Form.  Send a copy to Canine Water Sports.

  1. BulletProcess entry applications and collect fees. Ensure each dog listed on an entry form is registered with CWS, has an H2O# and is eligible for the task entered.

  1. BulletWhen entries close, organize a drawing by team name to assign an exhibitor’s number and to determine the judging order of the teams.

  1. BulletAcknowledge each entry application with a written response:

  2. A.)  Explain why the entry is not acceptable, OR 

  3. B.)  Welcome the team with a letter (electronic or USPS) confirming all pertinent information about the accepted entry including, date(s) and location of event, entry

  4. level(s), accepted handler(s) and dog(s), Canine CWS registration number(s) and assigned team entry number(s).

  1. BulletEnsure there are printed directions to local emergency services for human and canine available at the event.  Consider having a vet on call.

  1. BulletHire or assign a photographer to capture images of the event and qualifying teams.

  1. BulletCoordinate hospitality for the working staff, including transportation, lodging and meals for the judge(s) and stewards.

  1. BulletCreate and publish a water event catalog to be distributed on the day of the water event.

  1. BulletEnsure that the judge(s) have appropriate judging forms and materials needed to perform their job.

  1. BulletCollect and maintain all original entries, a copy of all completed judging forms and a scored catalog for a minimum of six months.

  1. BulletEnsure there is cell phone reception or a land line phone available during Event hours.

  1. BulletEnsure the access road to the event site remains safe for travel even during inclement weather.

  1. BulletInvestigate and attempt to mediate all complaints and protests by participants.  If after mediation the participant is still unsatisfied  the Secretary shall  advise the participant to submit a written complaint to the Secretary within seven days of the conclusion of the water event.

  1. BulletTo expel, if necessary, from the event grounds any person or dog who is found in violation and or refuses to comply with Canine Water Sport Regulations or Federal, State or Municipal laws.

  1. BulletCompile and send an event report with required fees and any protests to  Canine Water Sport within ten days of the conclusion of the event activities.

The Event Secretary may delegate these duties, but shall remain responsible for their completion

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