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8.  Create an Event Premium List

A premium list is a (electronic or printed) brochure that contains the details of a forthcoming Water Testing Event, including entry forms for the event. 

The premium list shall include the following:

  1. BulletEntry Application Forms

  2. (see examples on “test schedule” page ).

  1. BulletHost-established fee schedule.

  1. BulletA hold-harmless agreement.

  1. BulletDate, time, and location of the event(s).

  1. BulletClosing date and conditions.

  1. BulletTasks being tested at this event.

  1. BulletEligibility rules for dogs and handlers including canine age restrictions for specific tasks.

  1. BulletAny entry limits and wait list policy.

  1. BulletRefund policy

  1. BulletBitches-in-season policy

  1. BulletThe Event Secretary’s name and contact information.

  1. BulletThe Event Judge’s name and contact information.

  2. BulletThe host officials including, the officers and the chief steward name

  1. BulletAny warning about site conditions or limitations.

  1. BulletDirections to the site.

  1. BulletLodging information.

  1. BulletWarnings to all participants concerning any commonly known plant, insect or animal threats in the area (i.e. poison ivy, ticks, water snakes).

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