4. Learn The Duties of a Chief Steward

A Chief Steward shall be appointed by the Event Secretary and shall serve the Judge and the Event Secretary in the furtherance of a water sports event.

Chief Steward duties include:

  1. BulletRead and agree to abide by the Canine Water Sports Regulations.

  1. BulletAppoint an adequate number of capable stewards to serve as assistants in the production and presentation of a water sports event.

  1. BulletEnsure that stewards are properly trained and prepared  for stewardship.

  1. BulletAssemble the necessary equipment and boats for the judging site(s)

  1. BulletPlan, organize and supervise the set up and clean up  of the event grounds and judging sites.

  1. BulletAssign stewards to their duties and hours of service.

  1. BulletEnsure that all equipment, host and handler, is safe to use and is in compliance with regulations.

  1. BulletSupervise stewards during the water sports event.

  1. BulletCollect all water sports event materials and equipment at the end of the event.

  1. BulletDeliver to the Secretary all judging forms, scored catalogs and registration paper work and supplies that may come into his/her possession during the testing event.

  1. Bullet  Stewards shall be appointed by the Chief Steward and shall    serve the Judge and Chief Steward in the furtherance of a water sports event.

  Steward duties include:

  1. Bullet  Read and agree to abide by the Canine Water Sports Regulations.

  1. Bullet  Comply with the direction of an Event Secretary, Chief Steward and/or any Judge.

  1. Bullet  Posses and wear a full body support personal flotation device and protective water wear shoes when in the water.

  1. BulletAssist in the set up and clean up of event grounds and judging sites.

  1. BulletOrganize a registration desk on the day of event.

  1. BulletRecord team arrivals and deliver catalog and event information. 

  1. BulletInspect handler equipment to ensure safety, size standards and regulation compliance.

  1. BulletSupervise the order in which handlers are prepped and called for judging.

  1. BulletParticipate in tasks under the direction of a judge, including portrayal of victims and delivery targets, rowing boats, swimming, throwing, placing or holding articles and equipment on land and in the water.

  1. BulletRedirect spectators who violate etiquette rules.

  1. BulletKeep unauthorized people/dogs out of  the judging site.

  1. BulletDirect questions concerning judging protocols, regulations & task procedures, violations, or evaluation scores to the judge.

  1. BulletDirect questions concerning protests to the Event Secretary.

  1. BulletIdentify and post the names of  the qualifying teams for public review.

  1. BulletRecord the judging results in two event catalogs.

  1. BulletCollect  the  scored catalogs, completed judging forms, registration desk supplies & site equipment and deliver them to the Chief Steward.

  1. Stewards shall not:

  1. BulletCommunicate with dogs being judged except when so directed by task regulations or a judge.

  1. BulletOffer or provide handlers  with counsel or performance instruction unless directed by a judge to do so.

  1. BulletBring food or toys into the judging site.

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