9. Exhibitor’s Numbers, Catalog Numbers & Judging Order

Each dog shall be assigned an Exhibitor’s Number.  This number shall also represent the team’s judging order and their catalog order and listing.

Exhibitor Numbers shall be determined by a drawing.

The Event Secretary or person(s) assigned by the Trial Secretary shall put all the entry team names in a container and draw one name at a time.  The first dog/handler team drawn will be assigned Exhibitor’s #1, the second team drawn will be #2, and so on until all the names are drawn and assigned an exhibitor’s number, which shall also be the team’s judging order number.   Exhibitor numbers, regardless of tasks, shall always run sequentially, from the lowest number to the highest number, in the catalog.  (Example: Team Swim entries are teams 5, 7 & 10; Retrieve entries are teams 2, 4 & 9; Towing entries are 1,3, 6, & 8).  There shall be only one exhibitor’s number for each dog regardless of how many tasks the dog has been entered. 

The exhibitor’s number shall determine the teams judging order in each task. The lowest number shall be judged first, followed by the next lowest number,   i.e. the team with exhibitor’s #1 shall always be judged first in each of the tasks the team entered, the next lowest exhibitor’s number shall be judged second, when #1 is not entered in a particular task,  the next lowest number entered in the task shall be judged first. Exceptions: If pre-entered teams are permitted to enter additional tasks on the day of the event their judging order shall be at the discretion of the event secretary. If a handler has more than one dog entered in the same task and the draw gives the team consecutive numbers, the Event Secretary may change the judging order to accommodate the handler.

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